How can Minus Paint Help you?

Minus Paint has come up with the answer that a lot of restorers have longed for. Complete paint and rust removal from steel without damaging it. Simply deliver the parts, (stripped of all its mechanical parts and trim) to Minus Paint.

Depending on the amount of paint and body filler on the panels or body shell, it will take approximately 7-8 days to strip clean to bare steel. All body panels are thoroughly washed down with a high pressure steam cleaner after the stripping process. Minus Paint can remove all rust from all metal surfaces leaving nothing but base metal.

Minus Paint now also offer the following services :

Stripping Process

  • Unique alkaline stripping process which removes all types of coating, sealers, under body coating, body fillers etc
  • We can also strip non ferris metals i.e aluminium, brass, copper and magnesuim
  • We also have a process that strips plastic mouldings, plastic engine covers etc

De-rusting Process

  • An overnight process using a formula which is designed to attack corrosion

Pickling and Passivating

  • We also offer a pickling and passivating service to our clients in the manufacturing industry

Etching and protective coating

  • We protect all stripped and de-rusted products with top quality etch primer
  • We also use updated apoxy primers on customer request

Fabrication and section replacement

  • We also offer the service of removing rusted sections and fabricating new sections in

Click here to get in contact with Minus Paint regarding any of these services for your upcoming restoration project.